Information for Parents & Carers

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Play Therapy is a process where a child can work through difficult feelings in a safe space with a trained Play Therapist who will support them on their therapeutic journey. A range of play materials will be available to the child to help them express themselves. 

To best help the child a Play Therapist will seek to work closely with the family and the school or agency to understand the reasons for Play Therapy. They will listen carefully to the history and concerns about the child and family to see how to help the child to make sense of it. Frequent communication will allow for a better understanding of the child's individual situation and will aid the therapist in their support of the child throughout the process.

Play therapy sessions will usually occur weekly at the same time on the same day of the week. The minimum amount of session is usually 12-14, however some children may require further sessions based on continual assessment of their needs.